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COVID-19 Solutions

Let us help you get back to Work Safely in the era of Coronavirus
A New Approach

A New Approach

Restrictions are tightening due to the coronavirus pandemic and you will want to get your business or organisation back on track as quickly and safely as possible. We can help. Some of the newer technology we have been working with is perfect for the new approach you will have to take to security and access.

Keep staff and customers safe with our latest coronavirus solutions:

  • Thermal Body Temperature Camera
    Detect people with elevated temperatures quickly and accurately.
  • Facial Recognition Access
    Hygienic , touch-free and secure.
  • Infrared Exit Button
    An end to unhygienic door handles.
  • People Counting Camera
    Monitoring a overcrowded space.
Thermal Body Temperature Camera

Introducing the Thermal Body Temperature Camera

CSC Security’s temperature screening thermal cameras can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in moving crowds like passengers, commuters, shoppers or employee, with accuracy of up to ±0.3° C.

What is important here is that this is a non-contact temperature measurement so that you can detect people whose temperature is over 35.7° C (and who may therefore be suffering from fever) without any staff member needing to make physical contact with them.

It takes one second for a thermal camera to detect the temperature of a person, which facilitates the screening of large numbers of people at a time from about more than one meter away. The camera also detects and reduces false alarms from other heat sources.

How does it work?

Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy like ours can detect elevated body temperatures, which may indicate the presence of a fever.

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of infrared radiation. A thermal camera converts infrared radiation into grayscale values, and then matches the grayscale values to temperature values by way of an algorithm.

Thermal cameras may be used for fever screening in any Industry.

Thermal cameras at a glance:

  • Fast – takes one second
  • Work within one metre of subject
  • Accurate –  to ±0.3° C
  • Non-contact detection
  • Multi-person detection – suitable for crowds
  • Makes allowance for other heat sources

We provide a range of thermal body temperature cameras for specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get safely back to trading again, we can also offer finance payment plans.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control

The era of face recognition is here. With its touch-free interface, facial recognition access control and time logging solves a number of issues in the wake of the coronavirus.

Not only are they more hygienic but face recognition terminals improve the security and efficiency of access control and time attendance tracking. No longer can anyone who finds out a password or gets hold of a key card or fob gain access undetected, or log someone in who isn’t really there.

Essentially, a face recognition terminal is an access control device with a large screen ratio, which supports face authentication, fingerprint authentication, card authentication, or stand alone access control.

Our face recognition terminal boasts over 99% accuracy in under 0.2 seconds, and they detect facial-spoofing, which is the use of a photo, video, or mask as a substitute for the authorised person's face.  And before you say ‘data protection breach’, we can assure you that data is encrypted to protect privacy.

How does it work?

Facial recognition software measures multiple factors like the distance between eyes and the distance from forehead to chin. It also identifies facial landmarks that are key to distinguishing a face. It compares the face presented with the faces stored in its database and looks for a match.

Facial recognition access control at a glance:

  • Touch free
  • 99% accurate
  • Fast – 0.2 seconds
  • Accurate time logging
  • Anti-facial spoofing technology
  • Data encrypted for GDPR compliance

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Infrared Exit Button

Infrared Exit Button

The non-touch stainless steel infrared exit button means an end to unhygienic door handles. All it takes to open a door is just a hand in close proximity. The bi-coloured LED indicator lets the user know that the door has been opened.

This is ideal for sterile environments, DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant installations and high-traffic areas such as hospitals, public buildings and colleges.

Where access control is an issue, the IR exit button can be connected directly to an access control device and the built-in timer can be programmed to lock again after a set interval.

These buttons are suitable for use with both fail-secure and fail-safe locking devices.

Infrared access buttons as a glance:

  • Hygienic – non touch
  • Can be connected to access control systems
  • 2-colour LED indicator gives user a visual verification of door status
  • Suitable for fail-secure and fail-safe systems              

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People-counting Cameras

People-counting Cameras

It looks like the number of people inside an enclosed space will be limited for the foreseeable future. If you have a retail shop or provide a service that attracts crowds likely to exceed the guideline numbers, it is important that you have a failsafe way to monitor your footfall so that you stay within the guidelines. Yes, you could put a member of staff on counting duty, but human error will be a factor and you are tying up an expensive resource.

How does it work?

Our professional  dual-lens people-counting sensors may be installed at one or more entrances to your shop or premises. The camera or sensor is linked to a recording unit, a computer and monitor, a stop/go light and a digital display to show your clients the real-time numbers of people inside the space.

We take care of camera placement and installation and supply brackets as required. Cameras may be mounted on the celling and will work from heights of up to 30 meters.

People-counting cameras at a glance:

  • Real-time display of the number of people inside
  • Real-time calculation of whether more people may enter
  • Notifications by digital signage, siren, speaker, flash, email, etc.
  • 24*7 standby
  • More accurate and cheaper than a human

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