Alarms without a Response are just a noise! Imagine this, a cold and dark winter morning the rain beating against the bedroom window and the Alarm at your Business Premises has just been activated.

With crime levels on the increase can you Afford to send out an untrained member of you staff to attend to the Alarm Activation at your premises? Do you really want to disturb your staff at home to deal with the activation? Will their safety be compromised in attending the activation? What will they encounter if and when they arrive at your premises? Has your staff received any formal training in Alarm Response?

Simply Provide CSC Covert Security Consultants Ltd with the Keys and Alarm codes of your Premises and as your Principal Key-Holder we will in turn dispatch a fully uniformed and Trained Patrol Supervisor to investigate the cause of the Alarm Activation. Should it turn out to be a false Alarm then we will check the building in full, reset the Alarm and Secure the premises.

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