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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire is one of the most serious dangers we face – ensure you’re protected!

With extensive practical experience in fire protection, we can help you protect your people & property from fire by installing a reliable, effective fire detection & alarm system.

When a fire starts, early detection & sufficient warning through smoke &/or heat detectors, sprinkler systems & audible/visual warning devices significantly increase the time available for escape, before the fire takes hold, blocking escape routes.

It’s now a legal obligation that every employer & commercial property owner must carry out risk assessments to identify potential &/or actual safety risks, including fire hazards.

We design & install fire prevention, detection & alarm systems that harness cutting edge technology, to ensure that fires are detected faster & minimise any damage.

We offer a portfolio of fire protection products & services from simple compact installations to sophisticated analogue addressable controllers & large networked products. All of our fire alarm systems are supplied and maintained to IS3218-2009 &/or BS5839-2013 standards.

Whether you are involved in a new-build or upgrading your existing system, we take the hassle away, taking on the responsibility for every stage of implementation